Backpacking (背包旅行)

Backpacking is increasingly a popular way to travel. It allows you an almost unlimited level of flexibility(灵活性) with your itinerary (旅行安排) and keeps you costs down much more than booking into expensive hotels. Within this section you will find tips for backpacking wherever you are going from what to take with you to useful tips and tricks.

One of the key issues when embarking on (开始) a backpacking trip is what to take with you. You will need to carry your backpack around for long periods of time and it must contain everything that you will need while you are away that can't be purchased locally.

It is essential to pack as lightly as possible, your backpack will need to be carried with you everywhere and having a large bulky (体积大的) pack can hamper (妨碍) you boarding buses and trains and will also tire you out to carry around all day.

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