Lolly(棒棒糖)-flavoured e-cigarettes that contain no nicotine(尼古丁) and could be sold to anyone, including school children, are available in Victoria in Australia.

Tobacco companies are exploiting the ambiguity(混淆) of Victoria's e-cigarette laws to pitch(推广) these "vaping" toys to a junior market, according to health experts.

Quit Victoria tobacco control policy manager Kylie Lindorff said that while nicotine-laced e-cigarettes were banned(禁止) in Australia, the sale of non-nicotine versions – often colourful and lolly-flavoured – was completely unregulated in Victoria, meaning even children could buy them over the counter.

"We're incredibly concerned about that. We'd like to see the sale of these products banned outright," Ms Lindorff said.

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