Greyhound (美国灰狗长途汽车)

  • 今日单词:Greyhound
  • 译: 美国灰狗长途汽车
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Greyhound Buses

While in the US one of the most economical (省钱的)methods of transport is undoubtedly the greyhound bus which can take you to any of 3700 locations throughout the US. And Greyhound Canada can take you to a further 1300 in Canada. With such a large selection of destinations (目的地)and an attractive range of ticketing options(选择) you can’t really find a better way to travel in the US.

Greyhound buses are extremely well equipped with all the usual mod-cons(现代化设施) that you come to expect when travelling in the States. Buses have climate control so you don’t have to worry about keeping cool while you are travelling around. Furthermore buses are equipped with a fully kitted out (设施齐备的)toilet, reclining(倾斜的) seats and tinted (贴膜的)windows. You will find that on popular routes (路线)buses are equipped with tv/video equipment.

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